Design your own business cards with our tips and tricks, order the printing online and have the result conveniently delivered anywhere in Cape Town.

In the age of increasing digitization, one contender has stood out time and time again as the true stick in the mud of the e-era – the humble business card. Be careful not to confuse refusal to convert with refusal to innovate, the business card is not old-style by any means. With so many people still using business cards to promote themselves, how can you stand out?

A small piece of paper with your business information on it, it’s intended purpose is to be hand delivered to potential customers with a smile, but in reality, it’s most often used for entering coffee shop contests. With some clever design and a few tricks here and there, you can make your business card win both purposes. Free latte, anyone?

Here are our top 5 tricks to creating a winning business card:

  1. Don’t skimp on the paper stock unless you want potential customers to confuse it with a till slip and toss it. The right stock shows you mean business. TopCopy uses 350gsm Satin Card Stock to improve quality through rigidity.
  2. Ever picked up a DIY flyer with just too much info and clutter? Well, maybe the DIY route does not reflect your services accurately. Brief a designer from TopCopy for your business cards. They’ll design a business card that you’ll love and your customers won’t forget.
  3. Running low? Get yourself back on track with same-day pick up in Claremont, or save by choosing the 3 or 7-day delivery option.
  4. Simplicity is key! Keep your information clear and concise on your business card. It’s not a blog! Your business name, what your business does, some basic contact information and you’re solid.
  5. Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and go a little crazy. Bold colours, and interesting fonts will keep your card recognisable. You might not win the free latte but you’ll have a better chance at closing a business deal! That’s what we’re here for anyway, right?

Don’t want to design your own business card? TopCopy is a great option, between their designers and helpful staff they will help get your business card to work for you. Can’t be bothered to find parking?  Try their online ordering service. Order online in colour or in black and white and enjoy your latte.